26918004_mLooking for a new career, or want to add value to your current one?

The Grace Institute of Awakening is excited to offer you the opportunity to obtain the

Diploma of Energy Psychology


Next Student Intake Begins 8th of July

Last Intake of 2017!


On completion you will be licensed as a Grace Method Practitioner

Our emotions, thoughts are nothing but energy. We can’t see them, but we can certainly feel them. Energy psychology is a broad field of study that seeks to understand how our energy affects us on all levels, including our physical bodies and the actions we take.

Often we don’t like our own actions, such as those linked with addictions or words of judgment or untruths. Every single part of us is made up of beliefs and emotions, i.e. energy. When we understand and become very aware of our own energy and how to use it, we are able to move away from stress and into a place of amusement, calm and clarity.

By using emotional and spritual intelligence, mindfulness, science and The Grace Method our Diploma of Energy Psychology offers an astounding level of awareness that we believe is essential for anyone seeking to help themselves and others find peace, great health and wellbeing.

Does this sound like you?

You’re a passionate person who is looking to get more out of life and you love to help others. You are dedicated to embrace and expand your own personal development and growth. If it is, then you will love this training!

  • Ever dreamed of helping others and get paid for it?
  • Looking for that special technique that will take your clients to the core of their stress?
  • Do you want to make a difference?
  • Are you ready to take your own development to a new level?
  • Are you ready to increase your earning potential?

Empowering others feels really good!

If you are already helping others in your chosen field of work, doing this training will take your level of service you offer your clients to new heights.

There has never been a better time than right now to jump onboard this newest and unique complimentary therapy. This truly does complement all types of work – after all, who doesn’t get stressed? Many people are searching for this!

Join a culture of collaboration with incredible team support and friendship!

As a trainee Practitioner you will feel part of a warm, welcoming and caring team of individuals dedicated to help others move beyond stress. The support network is strong—you don’t need to do it alone!

We pride ourselves for offering incredible value and flexibility 

  • Study from home in your own time to suit your lifestyle
  • Webinars and private consultations are all via Skype, so you are not limited by location

Training includes

  • All course materials including 2 training manuals
  • Take Control self-awakeing home study course
  • 24 Visualisations
  • 3 day Practitioner Skills Intensive Masterclass with Susanne Grace
  • 8 webinars
  • 16 Fortnightly Private consultations with a Licensed Grace Method Practitioner
  • 4 written assignments
  • 8 Personal consultations to receive feedback on video assignments
  • Access to a private forum for practitioners
  • Monthly online team support meetings with Susanne Grace
  • Attendance to The Moving Beyond Stress workshops

The TAKE CONTROL self-awakening home study course will be the first thing on the agenda in your Diploma of Energy Psychology. It’s all about you first. But don’t worry, you won’t take 12 months to do that, we fast track you and you will have it done in 8 months. The way we do this is by doubling the amount of private consultations you recieve. This is why you will get a powerful consultation every two weeks to really help you move through this life transforming program with ease and grace.

After 8 months of transforming yourself, you will be ready to share your knowledge with others. The next four months will then be dedicated to learn how to apply the program to help others and of course you will be taught how to take others through The Grace Method.

This training is different…

We don’t simply train you, give you a diploma and say ‘see you later and good luck!’ When you come on as a Grace Method Practitioner we care about you and your business. We teach you how to do a business plan and market your business. Your success is our success, so we are with you all the way!

By completing the Diploma of Energy Psychology – you will learn how to work one-on-one with clients teaching them the Moving Beyond Stress model and techniques including The Grace Method. This course takes 12 months part time.

  • You will be licensed to use the title: “Grace Method Practitioner”

What is your area of interest?

You may like to specialise in niche markets such as…

  • Natural Health Practitioners
  • Health Professionals such as nurses and midwives
  • Teachers
  • Teenagers/children
  • Indigenous
  • Corporate and workplace programs
  • Business owners….                                   The list is endless…

Your first step…

If you haven’t already attended a Moving Beyond Stress workshop, then this is a great first step, but not essential. It’s good to come and experience what it’s all about first. Or you can book into one of Susanne’s Diploma information sessions via Webinar.

If you would like to receive an email invitation to our next webinar contact us to request one.

Your investment

As we said above, this course is different. Because we are working through beliefs and emotions our ego is very good at protecting every single part of us, even the parts that sabotage our best interests or cause us stress and worry.

This is why we support you 100% by providing you with fortnightly private consultations, along with phone and email support, monthly team meetings and webinars. This is not a course where you are given the paper work and left to your own devices to get through it. We hold your hand the whole way through. This is what will help you to become an awesome practitioner!

We have a payment plan available:

A $500 deposit will get you enrolled, training manuals supplied and on your way. We then have 12 monthly payments of  = $599/month which includes GST.

If you pay the total fees in one lump sum it comes down to $7,196 giving you a $500 discount.

These fees also give you open and free access to all of the Moving Beyond Stress workshops.


To download The Diploma of Energy Psychology Course Overview

Diploma of Energy Psychology course overview


Here’s what some of our trainees have said about the Grace Method Practitioner Training:

“I am loving being a practitioner. I love being able to help others and be helped myself! The support we receive from Susanne and others in our group is fantastic. This is one of the best trainings I have done. Professional yet supportive and so real. I have done The Grace Method now on many teenagers and the results are amazing! I can’t even remember now what I used to do before! “Janine Magnusum, Townsville.  Counsellor, NLP Masters

“The Moving Beyond Stress Practitioner Training has given me extraordinary awareness, knowledge and confidence.  The Grace Method has been an amazing inspirational tool that I can use over and over again to keep me free of worry, focused and grounded.Thank you Susanne.” Laurie Armstrong, Rockhampton

I am so grateful to be a Moving Beyond Stress Trainee Practitioner because it’s so satisfying practicing The Grace Method on others and seeing them glowing by the end of one session. I used to be in fear of taking steps to reach my goals and now I am empowered to take charge of me and my life. I’ve learned I can change from fear to joy in seconds in any given situation.Julia Drumgold Quality Officer and EEN, Canberra

I decided to become a practitioner because I felt it was something I just had to do, to help myself and others to be stress free. I’ve gotten more than that, I have learned more about myself than I ever thought possible, I have found myself.” Kathy McMahon, Canberra


Next Student Intake Begins 8th of July

Last Intake of 2017!

Are you ready to change your world?

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