Manifest with Brilliance

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Manifest with Brilliance
Using The Grace Method

2-Day Workshop



Discover the breakthrough method, strategies, and perspective you need to transform your life on all levels.

Explore on a quantum, physical and energetic level why you manifest what you do, and how to consciously manifest what you really want.

This workshop will demonstrate that you can already manifest brilliantly!

Imagine if you had full conscious awareness of what you are manifesting and have the ability to change it at any time. This life-changing workshop will show you how.

It’s time to take control!

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In this workshop you will discover:-

-The missing link you need to know about the Law of Attraction

-Why the old school of thought about finding purpose creates stress, and what to do instead

-How setting goals can backfire and make things worse

-Why trying hard to think positive could be holding you back


A new world is awakening and it brings with it a new perspective. The past is over, and it is time to let go of the old way of thinking.

It is time to awaken to a new reality and a world with new possibilities.

new world


The Grace Method

This transformational technique will help you to embrace and change those parts of you that are not feeling so good, as well as those parts of you that are not helping you to manifest what you want. It is fast and effective.

If you want to be sure that every one of your beliefs is in alignment with what you want, then it’s time to experience The Grace Method.

A combination of writing and visualization will take you to those parts of yourself that could be sabotaging your best efforts to create your ideal life. You will be amazed at what some parts of you may be thinking!

Whatever you believe you will experience. The problem is, most people don’t even realise what many of their inner beliefs really are, or that some less positive inner beliefs can impact badly on their lives.

Developed by Susanne Grace, The Grace Method is an incredibly simple yet powerful technique that will show you immediately what you really believe. Your beliefs are ruling your life!


The Grace Method will shift your mind.

It’s the missing link to understanding and making the Law of Attraction work for you!

in your mind

Thoughts turn to things—what are your thoughts turning into?

If you want to experience a different life, you need to first experience a different you.

Learn how to create and foster beliefs that are in alignment with your dreams and in alignment with inner happiness.

Discover how your subconscious mind controls your body and all behaviours.

How would your life change if you…

-Replace stress, anxiety, and depression with feeling amazing

-Could be free to be YOU to manifest and experience your dreams

-Could say NO without the guilt and live your life your way

-No longer needed the addictions to help you feel better

-Felt positive and happy without even trying


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In this unique and life-changing workshop, Susanne uses life-sized mannequins to demonstrate a new perspective on how we manifest everything including our state of health, wealth, and relationships in a fun and entertaining way, giving you the learning and experience to manifest what you want in a deliberate and conscious way.

If you regularly experience stress, anxiety or depression you will not be in alignment with manifesting what you really want. We show you how to change this, and get lined up to receive more of the good juice life has to offer.



 This workshop includes information on:

-Emotional Intelligence

-The Law of AttractionPractical strategies to turn around stress, anxiety and feeling down

-Practical strategies to turn around stress, anxiety and feeling down

-Mindfulness meditation

-The Grace Method — this unique and proven successful method is only taught at workshops

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You understand you need to think positive, a part of you knows what you want, and you may even understand the Law of Attraction… BUT….

(The Grace Method takes care of the BUT!)


The Research Study is underway

Our initial research on this workshop has shown that significant and effective changes in levels of stress, resilience, and self-esteem were experienced immediately by those attending the workshop.

Two weeks after the workshop participants’ anxiety and depression had reduced by 38% and levels of resilience continued to rise.

 anxiety & depression drop

Here’s what others have said about this workshop—

I learned that the power of change is within.

It’s practical and easy to understand.

I loved everything about it, the Grace Method does work.

A tool to better understand myself – if I keep practicing the Grace Method and the control to being happier is with me not anyone else.

Before I came in I was suffering from major anxiety – life is not as I thought. It is what I make it.

This workshop is life changing.

I’m more relaxed, able to work through the issues and clear mind. I’m happy.

I can deal with situations easier, calmer, recognize when I am out of alignment.

I feel calm, happy, understanding others in situations, respect.

I am better able to recognize when I am getting anxious. I am asking questions. Why am I getting this way? Also, now I have the Grace Method to break it down.

Do you…

ever feel overwhelmed at meeting everyone’s needs but yours?

find it a struggle to connect to your inner peace and joy?

Do you love…

to help others and want to gain a deeper understanding of your energy, thoughts, emotions, the life-force energy and your ability to heal?

If you do, you will love this workshop!
This may be the missing link you’ve been looking for.

Workshop topics include

-Ego energy, its nature, role and how it affects your life

-Everything is energy – seeing it from a frequency perspective—including money

-Emotions and the power they have when we understand their true nature

-Law of attraction and its relationship with karma and repeating cycles

-The power of beliefs and how to change them should you choose to

-Knowing how to get to the core of stress in any situation, remain calm and create what you desire

-Being in tune with the Real You – i.e. raising your intuition so you can really follow your heart with clarity

In tune with the Real You

This is different kind of workshop!

We go beyond the typical stress management techniques and myths about ‘blockages’

and instead help you get to detach from the illusions that feel very real

You will learn…

✓ How to deal with your’s and other people’s emotions and why you have attracted them

✓ Powerful but simple strategies that can bring calm so you can manifest with clarity

✓ How you have manifested overwhelm and how to change it

✓ The 3 steps to creating real change

We all affect each other’s energy and mostly without awareness of it.

It’s time to stop the cycle and learn how to help each other feel good and let go of the concern around uncertainty and go out and get what you dream of.

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Attachment to beliefs and emotions has been behind everything you have manifested to date

– Attachment creates foggy thinking

Bad decisions can be made when you are not thinking clearly. These decisions can have an effect both you and everyone involved and result in manifesting an abundance of rubbish.

– Attachment and fear go hand in hand

Fear could be preventing you from achieving your dreams.

– Attachment creates disease

Studies show 80-90% of chronic disease is created due to stress. Manifesting disease is easy when you are not aware of what your beliefs are.

– Attachment creates poverty

If you are attached to beliefs that are not in alignment with wealth, then money will not stick to you or even be attracted to.

Don’t worry I’m fine!

Most people want to believe they are coping well and they probably are. To admit being stressed and not getting what they really want.

However, raising your level of emotional intelligence and showing others around you how to be aware of their emotions has been shown in many studies to increase the potential for success and happiness.

When we feel stressed, it’s more likely we will take it out on our loved ones. Or perhaps your child or others around you are taking their stress out on you.

As a result, either you, your clients, your partner or your children could reach for things such as food, sugar, alcohol, drugs in an attempt to feel better.

The Grace Method is a powerful tool that will help you to change your beliefs in a heartbeat, regardless of how long they have been ingrained into your subconscious.

In this workshop you will learn – The Grace Method

The most powerful way to experience this powerful technique is with a private consultation with a Grace Method Practitioner.

The Grace Method is fundamentally quite simple, yet this simplicity takes a little time to explain. Not because it’s difficult, but because our minds have been conditioned to believe that nothing so simple can be so effective.

This is not therapy rather a most practical way of increasing emotional and intelligence which studies have found directly correlates with success.

This workshop is fun and interactive and it could turn your relationships around as well as your health and wellbeing.

– If you’re ready to connect with your own being and find the joy within you

– If you’re really ready to let go of stress and manifesting stuff that you don’t want

Then join us!

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 We can only accept a small group of people into the workshops, 

so numbers are limited

The reason for this is because the workshop is packed with visualisations, mindfulness techniques and activities. We strive to make sure each person gets great value for their time from the workshop. So to do this, smaller groups work best.

So if you want your place secured then don’t wait. Book in now, then you can relax knowing your seat is confirmed.

We look forward to meeting you and helping you to connect with your true being, and enjoy the success you deserve.

The price of this workshop is a no brainer – what is your state of wellbeing worth?

Don’t you think it’s time?

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