Meditate for Success

8943370_sGet calm, get clear, find your joy,

then success must follow!

A 6 week course for those wanting to find the calm, get focused and clear and stay present and joyful regardless of the chaos around them.

Next course date yet to be confirmed

We all learn differently and connect with different methods. This course introduces you to a variety of meditation techniques in many forms including:

  • guided visualisations
  • mindfulness meditation in many forms
  • walking meditation
  • painting meditation
  • yogic breath meditation
  • toning and crystle singing bowls
  • how to effectively use mantras and music
  • finding the stillness and silence within

You will also learn what to do with those parts of you that get loud within your head when you are aiming for silence!

Weekly discussions include topics such as:

  • What meditation is and isn’t
  • The reasons why you would use meditation
  • Setting up your environment for meditation
  • Fears and concerns of the metaphysical world
  • Kundalini rising
  • Opening the third eye
  • Raising intuition
  • Chakra awareness and clearing
  • Law of attraction and how to consciously create
  • Masculine and feminine energy and how to balance it

The outer world is simply mirroring what’s going on within. Taking charge of your inner world creates an amazing platform to manifest your outer world and the unlimited possibilities can be revealed.

IMG_8206The Grace Institute of Awakening welcomes you to a beautiful setting where we set the energy of the room with the intention to facilitate awakening, calm and stillness.


Our rainforest room will have you relaxing as you enter. Complimentary tea/coffee await your arrival.

Each week you will enjoy a 3 hour class with Susanne Grace which includes:

  • Presentation of topics
  • Open group discussion
  • Workbook
  • Meditation
  • Supper
  • Homework – to strengthen your practice which includes access to online visualisations

All inclusive course fee is only $180.

You will meet new like-minded friends and go home with strategies each week aimed to help you go deeper into your peaceful place.

An abundance of research and countless studies indicate very clearly the many benefits of meditation. Awakening to the life-force energy you have within you and bringing it into alignment with your thoughts, emotions and physical body can have a major impact on not only your health, wealth and relationships but also the very way you move through and experience your life.

If you have ever tried to meditate however, your mind won’t be quiet – don’t worry you’re not alone!9320371_s

You will learn what to do about those parts of you that get loud within your head when you are aiming for silence. The nature of the mind is to chatter.

In this course you will discover…

  • why trying to stop thinking won’t work
  • how to quiet those noisy parts of you down
  • effective strategies to go beyond the chatter

Life-sized mannequins will help you to see at a glance what these different pars of you really are and how to liberate them. This course is designed to blow your mind so you can find the peace and calm that is underneath it all.

Group sizes are kept small

Next course date yet to be confirmed