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We have several levels of membership support for our our visitors, clients, students, practitioners and trainers. We aim to deliver outstanding support to all who come through our doors. We look forward to supporting you.


Free Membership

As a free member you will have access to:

  • Powerful visualisations to help your destress and relax
  • Free e-newsletters to keep you up to date with our workshops, programs and information to help you awaken to who you really are and feel fabulous
  • Diploma of Energy Psychology course overview and application form

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VIP Membership

Upon purchasing the ‘Take Control’ Self-awakening program you will have access to this program which is aimed to transform your life.

This membership includes:

  • 8 Modules
  • 24 Visualisations
  • 8 online webinars
  • phone and email support

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Practitioner Support

For trainees and Grace Method Practitioners – this membership supports you with all the training manuals and documentation you will need to complete the Diploma of Energy Psychology

Membership includes:

  • The ‘Take Control’ Self-awakening program
  • all training manuals and materials
  • Masterclasses with Susanne Grace
  • Training webinars
  • Fortnightly private consultations
  • and so much more…


Trainer’s Support

Exclusively for those who have completed the Diploma of Energy Psychology and are now working towards or have completed the Advanced Diploma of Energy Psychology who will then qualify as a Grace Method Trainer and will be licensed to deliver The Moving Beyond Stress and The Grace Method workshops.