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Self-awakening – home study program

Over 12 months we hold your hand all the way

to help you achieve the life transformation you are searching for

TAKE CONTROL Online Program

   – Get to the core of stress

   – Take control of your life

   – Find relief – regardless of the chaos

Challenges always come and go, but it’s great to know there is a way where you can deal with them quite differently. 

Stress can be a thing of the past. You really can achieve all that you want to achieve.

It’s not just about ‘positive thinking’, there is so much more to it than that. In fact, positive thinking is often just a cover up of what is really going on – underneath the smile often lays pain and worry.

So if you want authentic and long lasting results whether it be with your daily frustrations, relationship struggles or financial stress it doesn’t matter, this program will take you to new heights.

Hundreds of studies now around the world can’t all be wrong – there is no doubt, stress creates unhappiness and disease. So what are you waiting for?

Moving Beyond Stress is a unique and simple model that 

makes light of many complex subjects –

This course will allow you to make sense of how you tick, why you react and get stressed, and how other people effect can your happiness. Most importantly why and how you sabotage your best efforts!

‘The Grace Method’ is new and unique. Taking you beyond other techniques and ways of thinking. This course will show you how to use it and why it works so effectively.

It allows you to take control!

It allows you to help others in ways you wouldn’t have dreamed of before

Food, cigarettes, alcohol and drugs can be used to help us feel better. These things tend to push bad feelings down. But what does it create?

  • Weight issues
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Bad health
  • Mood swings
  • High debts
  • Fragile relationships
  • Unsatisfying work

Your emotions are entwined in everything you do, love them or not.

You are an emotional being and it’s time to take control!

You will find relief from stress

Discover how to calmly cope with stress without ‘falling apart’ or ‘flying off the handle’— instead you take control

Stress is expensive – it is probably costing you much more than you know.

What cost do you put on strained relationships, ill health and constant worry?

Building resilience is being able to bounce back with ease as life continues to bring on those challenges.

How much is your peace of mind worth to you?

The ‘TAKE CONTROL’ Building Resilience Course can also help you to achieve:

  • Relief – you will learn how to let go of the worry – regardless of what’s going on
  • Self-esteem – develop a deep knowing that you are good enough just the way you are
  • Self–awareness – to know and understand what’s happening with your emotions and how to use them to your advantage, rather than feel embarrassed
  • Standing up for yourself – not be afraid to voice your opinion and walk your own path in confidence
  • Making decisions – solve problems easily and effectively without the stress and avoid making the same mistakes
  • Relationships with others – an easier way to work and play with others and accept them for who they are without attaching to their emotions and beliefs
  • Intimate relationships – develop a deep, powerful, intimate relationship with those you love
  • Personal power – finding the real you will bring meaning and passion into your life. The result leaves you with feelings of optimism, peace and a great depth of happiness within you

You will learn the 3 steps to change

  1. How to deal with those parts of you that don’t feel so good
  2. How to create new parts of you that feel good
  3. How to connect easily with that calm part within you

There are two “TAKE CONTROL” 

 Membership options to choose from:

Online instant access to all modules and visualisations  CLICK HERE


Hardcopy – 8 modules in full colour print out with 9 CDs CLICK HERE

Payment plans are available: Call us on 1300 500 777 to discuss your needs

The peace of mind and relief this course will give you is priceless. 

We can’t put a value on your peace of mind and happiness, can you?

If you live on the Gold Coast – Join us each month at The Grace Institute of Awakening for our face-to-face support group. It’s free!

This course consists of 52 lessons – do one per week over the 12 months. Put an hour per week into it, plus time for your private consultations and webinars, a 10min practice each day and your life will be transformed! The 52 lessons are combined into 8 modules as outlined below. Your 8 live webinars will cover the 8 modules to help really bring them to life. We will be with you every step of the way.

The 8 Modules in the “TAKE CONTROL” building resilience course consist of:

Module 1 

Building Foundations

Learn why one part of you wants one thing while another part wants the opposite

Begin to let go of stress and worry faster than you think

Module 2 

What’s driving you?

Recognise what you do when some parts of you surface that don’t feel good and want to take over

Understand what sabotages your best efforts

The Grace Method will change your beliefs and how you feel – simple, powerful and effective

Module 3 

Taking Control

Learn how to change beliefs that are not serving you

Move from victim to victory – it’s easier than you think

Meet your inner child and reclaim your joy

Discover how meditation can help to create your world

Module 4 

Mastering Relationships

Learn how to turn frustrating people into a delightful gift

Let go of toxic relationships and heal the wounds

Enjoy letting go of the normal dramas and let them be water off a duck’s back

Discover what forgiveness is really about and how good it can make you feel

Module 5 

Finding the Real You

Learn how to follow your heart without your head interrupting

Learn how to be happy with every part of you – regardless of how you look or feel

Discover how to stop other people from draining your energy

Learn how to connect to that calm place within you

Module 6 

Accepting Abundance

Discover how to build a new relationship with money and let go of the worry around it

Recognise the abundance you have right now

Enjoy powerful visualisations to see past the pain in others and embrace their goodness

Module 7 

Achieving Freedom

Discover why many of our goals are never achieved

Learn how to set fearless goals and how to make them stick

Get clear on your purpose and vision – it’s easier than you think

Learn how to move with freedom rather than run with fear – it’s powerful to recognise the difference

Module 8 

Helping Others

Put all you have learned into practice at home and at work

A comprehensive solutions chart for anything that worries you

20 ways to help you feel good at work

20 ways to help your work colleagues feel good

The keys to a happy customer

26 ways to help children

7 ways to help others create change

50 ways to celebrate your life!

We look forward to helping you move beyond stress and 


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