Spiritual Retreat


Spiritual Retreat Bali 

7-13th May, 2017

Was a huge Success!


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Our retreats explore the 3 Levels of Spiritual Awakening


Awaken to Ego Energy

Awaken to Soul

Explore Non-Duality

You won’t find another retreat quite like this one

The emphasis for this retreat is focused on going deeper into your spiritual awakening. Stepping out of ego energy and awakening to your connection to soul and exploring non-duality will leave you with a fresh perspective on life and the way you experience it.

It’s a magic week!

  • Gain clarity, find your calm and take control!
  • Discover The Grace Method – a powerful tool for transformation
  • Awaken to your inner guidance and wisdom


Nurture your body

Transform your mind

Connect with your soul

This outstanding package includes all food, 6 nights accommodation, daily guided meditations, full conference and Satsangs, Balinese massage, private Grace Method session, personal soul reading, guided trecks, yoga, entertainment and transfers!

The next retreat is coming soon!

Location: Bali Mountain Retreat

Nestled high on the eastern slopes of Mount Batukaru in Central Bali is Bali Mountain Paradise! Being situated in a traditional area of the central Bali mountains, Bali Mountain Retreat’s guests are given a unique experience with the local Balinese people and their culture. You will welcome the refreshing and revitalising mountain air, clean spring fed water and panoramic views to the coast of Bali. Enjoy walking through the terraced rice fields or into the forest to a sacred Hindu temple. Stroll to the local village past the cacao and coffee plantations or simply relax, unwind and take in the natural beauty of the landscape.


Please stay tuned for our next retreat dates and location

Your Retreat Package Inclusions

Your Accommodation

The accommodation provides a beautiful blend of Balinese and contemporary Asian styles,  where rooms are well furnished and have garden balconies. Single rooms and twin share is available some with ensuite, others with shared external amenities helping to keep costs down. The type of accommodation you book will determine the cost of your overall package deal and includes daily housekeeping services.

Your Food

All meals including morning/afternoon tea and mountain spring UV filtered water are included.

Bali Mountain Retreat restaurant uses the freshest of produce (organically grown when possible). The menu features both Western and Asian cuisine including many Balinese specialties. This retreats caters for vegetarian / vegan preferences, gluten free, soy free, lactose intolerance and special diets when required.

Full hot breakfast : Typical Breakfast includes; eggs (any style), sautéed green vegetables, curried tomatoes, toast, (or homemade muesli  or cereal or pancakes), fresh tropical fruit salad, tea, coffee and orange juice.

Lunch: Typically a mix of Indonesian styled dishes e.g. Crispy Tempe,  Nasi Kuning, Cap Cay, and Organic Raw Foods dishes and salads. Fruit platter, teas, coffee and Mountain spring water. 

Dinner: Includes a choice of  4 Vegetarian dishes, soup and rice or Potato dishes. (Menus can be forwarded upon request) this is followed by a choice of desserts e.g.  Fried bananas and Ice cream, chocolate/banana cake and ice cream.

Your Spiritual Awakening

Daily talks and open discussions on all aspects of the spiritual awakening process, including

  • exploring the 3 levels of awakening
  • how to detach from ego energy and what that really is
  • understanding how to use emotions to relieve you from suffering
  • discover how to increase your frequency
  • gain a deeper understanding of Law of Attraction and how to benefit from it
  • learn how to step out of fear, doubt and confusion and into clarity, confidence and truth

The Grace Method – you will learn how to use this powerful technique which heals those parts of you that are holding onto old beliefs and emotions that are no longer serving your higher purpose and are preventing you from knowing your love, joy and bliss within

Satsangs – powerful open discussions of self-enquiry which points to inner truth and knowing

Daily meditations which offer a variety of techniques aimed to take you into stillness and peace, including a full moon meditation

Connecting to your higher spiritual being (Soul) and other beings who are guiding you in all ways

Channelled messages of love and inspiration to deepen your awareness of who you really are

Your private consultations

Each day includes a 3 hour segments for individual sessions and silent reflection;

  1. You can experience The Grace Method with a Licensed Grace Method Practitioner – transforming those parts of you that don’t feel so good into feeling amazing
  2. Intuitive Soul Reading with Susanne – to gain clarity of your life’s purpose and individual guidance for your spiritual awakening
  3. Balinese massage – 1 hour

Your package also includes

  • Daily Hatha or Yin yoga classes
  • Guided trek to the local Bali Hindu temple in mountain forest
  • Traditional Joged Bumbung Dance performance
  • Pick up and drop off transfers to/from Bali Mountain Retreat
  • Complimentary arrival drink & refreshments
  • Free WIFI access



Your Facilitator

Susanne Grace – Founder/Director of The Grace Institute of Awakening. With over 30 years experience as a meditation teacher, emotional intelligence and a wide range of emotional/mind healing techniques, as well as being clairvoyant, Susanne felt something was missing. She has developed her own modality— The Grace Method to assist others in deep transformation and spiritual awakening. Using her Moving Beyond Stress model; she has delivered workshops around Australia to thousands of people to help them take control, as well as training Grace Method Practitioners and teachers her unique Diploma of Energy Psychology. Her teaching will leave you feeling empowered, excited, calm and in control.


The next retreat is coming soon!

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