The Raw Truth

The Raw Truth

2-Day Spiritual Workshop

Exploring the illusion of self and beyond

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Susanne Grace would like to invite a small intimate group who are ready to take their soul searching to a deeper level to a powerful 2-day discussion of sharing the deeper truths of our nature and how to raise our awareness of what’s true vs the lies we tell ourselves.

Through group discussion, meditation and guided experiential activities Susanne will guide you into the concepts of duality, ego, suffering and how to rise above it all and stabilise in the energy of calm, peace and love.

Next workshop date yet to be confirmed

Topics of discussion include:

  • What is thought and where does it come from?
  • The raw truth of emotion, its origin and purpose
  • The recipe of belief and its karmic effect
  • Exploring the big question – Who are you?
  • What is purpose and its illusions
  • The intelligent heart vs the brain
  • Quantum physics and the implications this science is revealing
  • Akashic records – what they are and their relevance to your life experiences
  • Soul families and the levels of ascension
  • The birth of duality – shiva and shakti
  • Vibration and the world of frequency and its relationship with the Law of Attraction
  • Communicating with energies beyond the physical dimension – intuition, giving and receiving messages and channelling

If you couldn’t get to Susanne’s spiritual retreat in Bali then here is your chance to learn more about the Real You. If you did come on retreat, then here is your chance to follow up move even deeper into your true self.

If you felt excitement at reading this list of topics, then that’s your heart telling you something…

If it doesn’t feel right for you then this is not the workshop for you, if it does however then sign up now! Only a small group is invited so register now for this unique and powerful two days of awakening.

Next workshop date yet to be confirmed

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